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Monday, 5 May 2008


Get to see how ‘keropok lekor’ is made in Quberscout Camporee 2008 which is famous traditional food in Terengganu. Everybody love ‘keropok lekor’ and usually buy them from pasar malam (night markets) here. So, having the chance to see and taste them when they are freshly made is a treat. Here, you are also have a chance to make them at our activities’ site.

This is the keropok lekor producer in Seberang Takir and Losong. Be sure to visit them when you are in Kuala Terengganu because in this location, you can see all the sights synonymous with the East Coast like songket weaving, fishing village, dried fishes dried in the sun and etc.

As you can see in the two pictures (above and below), making keropok lekor involves hand rolling the fish paste into rolls and boiled in a huge pot of water. It is very much like making sausages. Let’s imagine keropok lekor as the fish sausage.

A closer look at the process. Normally, we have our keropok lekor deep fried. However, you are advised that they are best eaten boiled with special chillies sauce to dip in it. The prepared keropok lekor is sold everywhere in Terengganu and some are sent to other states too.

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