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Sunday, 4 January 2009

26th Asia-Pasific Jamboree... Philippines

Having just been visited by more than 18,000 Scouts and Scout Leaders in November 2007 in the occasion of the 14th Philippine National Scout Jamboree, the mystic mountain of Makiling will once again open its arms to its favorite visitors as it prepares to host Scouts and Scout Leaders from all over the Asia-Pacific Region in December 2009.

As early as December 2007, the organizers of the 26th APR Scout Jamboree are already preparing to make it a really fun, exciting, and truly memorable jamboree for all participants.

Come and join this event and SHARE* your skills, talents, dreams and aspirations with your fellow Scouts in the region as we unite to create a better world!

*SHARE = Solidarity, Harmony, Altruism, Respect and Equality


In an environment of harmony, equality and respect, and by means of cooperative challenges, adventures and experience fostering co-existence, cooperation and brotherhood, Scouts will be able to overcome the barrier of differing cultures, creeds, and ideologies and realize the value of peace and unity, as they come to understand the importance of balancing development and ecology.

Scouts : Creating A Better World

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