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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

GAZA: Appeal To Scouts To Do Their Best To Stop War And Terror

January 15, 2009

Dear sisters and brothers Scouts,

as Scouts, we see in every other scout a brother or sister, in every human being a friend; this is our commitment. As “citizens of the world” every country is our country, every people our people. This is why, today we cannot and should not remain silent while our friends and brothers in Gaza live the horrors of war, violations, suffering and destruction, with hundreds of deaths and thousands of injured people.

After having experienced the horrors of the Great War, B.-P. felt strongly the need for a peace education of the new generations – an education that had to be guided, first of all “by an absolute sense of justice”. In B.-P.’s words scouting is about “instilling into our boys (and girls) by example and practice of the habits of goodwill, tolerance and understanding of others.”

It is not in our capacity to stop brutality and terror, but we can help humanity to make a step forward. Scouts – true Scouts - should be able to overcome differences and face even historical disputes and conflicts, meeting each other in a spirit of brotherhood, as equals in dignity and rights.

We appeal to all Scouts in the conflict area, in the Middle East and everywhere, especially to those who are today in a leading position on both sides, to meet as brothers and sisters. Be guided “by an absolute sense of justice” and act with all your forces to reject and stop war and terror. Send to the world a message of goodwill: to have Peace, start building Peace.

Eduardo Missoni

Former Secretary General
World Organization of the Scout Movement

Dominique Bénard

Former Deputy-Secretary GeneralWorld Organization of the Scout Movement
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budak-kom said...

kenapa sampai skrang perkataan Israel masih d gunakan...negara Israel tidak pernah wujud..yang hanyalah adalah penjajahan yahudi bergelar Israel dan bukannya negara Israel..yang d jajah ialah Palestin

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